I’m Taylor.

Since I can remember, I’ve been writing. Since I can remember, people have been telling me I could write, and thankfully somewhere along the way I started believing them.

Writing has gotten me through a lot of seasons of life: my college days, engagement & marriage, and the aftermath of being wounded in and surviving a school shooting. These days I am taking care of a new baby, one of my biggest life transitions ever, and trying to find space to write in the cracks of this new life.

I’ve learned a lot the past few years. I’ve learned about trauma & grief. I’ve learned about the ways that the body stores trauma and memories and how PTSD and anxiety can take over a life. I’ve learned what it’s like to walk in contradicting emotions— grateful to be alive, yet struggling with the pain of living; feeling hopeless, yet knowing new mercies come as surely as the sun. I have experienced deep suffering, the kind that makes you wonder how all those cracks you feel could ever possibly be glued back together again. And yet, through all of it, I have known the joy that is found in feeling God’s guiding hand as you take one step after the one before it, trusting that you’ll one day find healing and redemption.

So I’d like to take you all on this walk with me, if you’re up for it of course. We’re going to talk about both the good things and the hard things and how they aren’t mutually exclusive. We’ll talk about things that may make us a little uncomfortable sometimes, but that’s only because we’re trying to grow. We’ll go slow and steady and take some breaks here and there. Don’t worry about catching up, I’ll meet you where you are

The nitty-gritty.

I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina with my husband Eric, our sweet dog Molly, and our three month old son Henry who is an actual doll-baby. I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2012 with a degree in Human Development, and worked in roles as both a social worker and administrative programs specialist at a community college until I was injured in a shooting in 2013. You’ll see me write about this often.

I love to read— thrillers are my favorite. I write in books and make notes in the margins. I love coffee & tea equally, and gave up my coffee snob status when I reverted back to a Keurig in the year 2018. Pour-over is not a thing with a newborn. I subscribe to too many podcasts and own too many matching pajama sets. I let the dog sleep in the bed always. I’m an enneagram 2 wing 1, HSP, and INFJ, and yes, I do want to talk about it. If you’re wondering what I’m watching, it’s probably Parks & Rec.

I’m grateful you’re here and I hope to serve you well.

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