Welcome Back

I’m back. And I’m so thankful.

Back in 2017, I took a hiatus from blogging. This has been my longest break ever since starting my first blog in 2009. I didn’t want to do it, but along with some external factors that made it the best decision, I knew God was telling me it was a waiting season— a time for listening and learning. He wasn’t wrong. Along with his nudging me to wait, He also promised I would return to this work. I didn’t know when.

Well, when is now. I wish the when had been back before I had a tiny newborn baby and wasn’t exhausted all the time and trying to write during 5 minute nap times and typing away on my phone in the middle of the night when the baby woke up and I can’t fall back asleep. But isn’t that the way? God’s timing is often different than our own, but always best.


So you’ll notice a new website & a new set-up. It’s pretty simple— very few bells and whistles. But because I’ve designed a handful of websites, I knew if I didn’t do it this way I would spend hours and hours perfecting it and adding way too many unnecessary things and I would never hit publish. So simple it is.

I hope you’ll take a look around and visit the About page and the Connect page. You can also view the As Seen In page to check out the most recent project I’ve been working on. That page is also a bit of a step of faith. Hopefully someday there will be lots of places you’ve seen my writing— but if not, if it’s only here on this site and my other social media pages, that is perfectly great too.

I don’t know exactly what this blogging life looks like now with a little guy around who needs me 24 hour a day. I have no idea how frequently I’ll post or anything like that. I just know that I needed a space again to write and to share and connect with you when I feel led to. It may be months until I post again, though I hope that will not be the case. Hopefully that’s okay with you. The good part is that I’m completely not averse to failure. I love trying things and I’m just not that concerned with whether or not they’ll work out. (FYI, this makes me completely immune to accountability. I have no idea what this says about me.)

So dear readers, welcome back. I am so happy you’re here with me. Let’s do it.